Tenerife & Ecotourism

Versión española

Beautiful, subtropical, volcanic island rich in varied altitudes and micro-climates that generate a vast biodiversity with the highest number of endemic species per square meter in Europe.

Tenerife is the largest of seven Canary Islands and home to El Teide the third largest volcano from the base of the ocean bed and above sea level is the highest point in Spain. Nearly half of the island’s territory is protected: national parks, natural reserves and monuments.


Tenerife is a valued location for ecotourism with it’s natural wonders and so much to explore with numerous walking routes, that would not disappoint even the most frequent traveler. Many sport activities are on the offer here in Tenerife, like gliding, climbing, trekking and cycling. A long stretch of coast brings a wave of activities the ocean has to offer which include swimming, snorkeling, diving and surfing.

Eco-accommodations “eco-cabin” for ecotourist, an affordable, eco-friendly accommodation, built from natural materials and with minimal electrical devices for optimal health and relaxation.

Large hotels have devastating effect on environment by destroying large areas of natural landscape and habitat of native species. Excessive and unsustainable use of resources and waste generation result in significant carbon footprint, that needs to be addressed.

Eco-cabin is a different type of accommodation, that respects environment and promotes life in harmony with nature. Determined for low to zero carbon emissions, equipped with renewable energy, waste management and water collection systems.

Seeking to create a space that would be small, but comfortable, green and natural, filled with love, peace and tranquility!




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