Natural World 05/17

Observations of atmospheric phenomenons and climate, photos with descriptions of landscapes and places of interest, native and endemic plants and other living creatures, news about plants we grow, what we sow and harvest…

This time decided to separate mornings and evenings, above are sunrises and below are sunsets. Now, when the days are long and the nights are short, is the best time to watch sunrise, but especially sunset in the north of the island, although the difference in light hours does not get extreme here, not like in northern Europe, because of the lucky geographical position 🙂 .

This month was dominated by the more unsettled weather with intervals of sunny, warm and cloudy, humid days, becoming increasingly cloudy with strong trade winds at the end of the month. Although not so pleasant as the sun, the rain and humidity is very welcome here!

The plants look beautiful in the rain 🙂

New Passiflora tripartita var. mollissima or tarminiana plant, that is now a year old (grown from seed) is doing well, a lot better than other, older plants of this same specie. The healthy appearance and rapid growth is now joined by generous flowering, for every leaf, there is one flower. I love the beautiful, pink flowers and the orange fleshed fruits, commonly known as banana passionfruit.  Another exotic looking new plant is Fuchsia corymbiflora, grown from cutting, is now producing lots of bright red flowers, and starting to give small, berry like, edible fruits.

Bamboo no doubt looks best in the rain, especially the hairy species like this one, Ampelocalamus scandens, grown from seed, now about 2 years old.

And more rain drops on the trees, also started from the seed. First picture is of the avocado tree, about 2 years old. The second is the seedling of a red guava. And the following two of pitanga (Eugenia uniflora), the exotic cherry, that is now nearly 3 years old.

The flowering continues in the veg garden. Here are very fragrant pink flowers of red/black carrot, the smell is divine and looks amazing!

The unusual looking red cauliflower / broccoli also started flowering, another attractive spectacle in the garden and the last of red and yellow types are collected for food.

The most striking color of all, in my opinion, is yellow, which is the color of sun 🙂 Here are photos of the red giant mustard and yellow radish in the background, although flowers are white, another yellow colored flowers are of groundnuts, very small but pretty…

The wide color pallet of flowers are pleasing for the eyes, but nothing more pleasant and soothing than the shades of green… The wheat is now fully grown and flowering, as well as black oats. The potatoes also looking good despite the heat and dry weather, but due to the following humidity, started to get the mold on the leaves, which was later eliminated by the dry spell, also rabbits or other suspects ate some of the potatoes, but overall the harvest was not tragic and they grew to a decent size.

Well, nature is fascinating everywhere, but here in the land of contrast, the biodiversity of nature is more than exciting! From the highs of the mountains to the lows of ocean, there are the worlds to discover…

The first two photos were taken in the Garachico mountains. The striking, huge bud of Aeonium canariense, that is just starting to flower, is a real treat for the eyes. The tiny, but amazing world of lichens, that cover most of the volcanic rocks in the north of the island. These rocky lands, that are called “badlands” are the perfect breading ground for lichens, a spectacle not to be missed! The wonderful coast of the island is teaming with life, especially the little rock pools with the tidal conditions, that makes it ideal place for varied marine life. The tiny creature in the palm is a starfish, the unsymmetrical shape is possibly due to the loss of limbs, that are being regenerated.

This is it for now. Next month, next story…

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