Natural World 04

The fourth entry of the series Natural World in Tenerife of 2017. Observations of atmospheric phenomenons and climate, photos with descriptions of landscapes and places of interest, native and endemic plants and other living creatures, news about plants we grow, what we sow and harvest…

The month begins with even more dry and hot weather, almost every day with blue skies an bright sunshine, which is nice for the dip in the ocean, but not so good for vegetable garden, that needs rain at this time of the year.

At the middle of the month started to see the sea of clouds again, unusual for this time of the year. Towards the end, the stormy weather begins, that did not produce so much rain here in the north of the island, but a lot of interesting clouds and beautiful giant rainbows 🙂 .

Spectacular full moon this month in completely cloudless skies, so magical together with beautiful pink shades of sunset… Couple of days later, managed to capture the rise of the moon, that I often miss, again in the cloudless, but this time in completely dark skies of the night.

The beautiful coast of Punta del Hidalgo was a great day out. Spectacular large, sandy beach Playa de Arena is popular among surfers, due to large waves in this area, but for those that do not brave the waves, there’s a nice natural swimming pool El Arenisco and many more in nearby Bajamar. It is really nice to do a coastal walk called Sendero Litoral del Faro with spectacular views of the rugged coastline and on the clear day El Teide can be visible. Going further away from town, more amazing scenery of the coast and mountains. One of the more interesting landmarks here is Roque de los dos Hermanos, which translates rock of two brothers and looks as if it is split in half. And this marks the beginning of Barranco del Río or actually the end, which starts at Chinamada, that is a popular, but not overcrowded walking route, that is rich in native and endemic species. On the coastal side it is habited mainly by succulent plants like Tabaiba salvaje (Euphorbia regis-jubae), as in last photo above.

Canary Island spurge (Euphorbia canariensis) is also abundant here and in the photo above is Aeonium lindleyi, a small, bushy type succulent plant. Many Tenerife lizards (Gallotia galloti) can be seen here, like in the picture above of the male specimen with blue head and green dotted back.

The garden is still occupied by winter / spring crops, like cabbages, onions, cauliflowers, salad leaves, that actually starting to flower now, which marks the end of their life cycle.

Great looking and tasting green cauliflower or as we call it now yellow broccoli, because of the yellow colors and broccoli appearance, although the leaves look like cauliflowers and the taste is the mix of both.

Passion for red! This year, two new additions: red carrot and red broccoli – cauliflower, again like the green / yellow one (above), the red one has broccoli appearance, but cauliflower leaves and the taste is mixture of both.

I love this time of the year in the veg garden, when all the brassica plants are flowering. One of the favorite is mizuna with dense, bright yellow flowers, that are great food source for bees and other pollinating insects, the seeds are favorite by small birds, almost leaving none for me to collect. Mizuna (Brassica rapa subsp. nipposinica), known as Japanese mustard with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, that is great for salads.

More flowers: the white, delicate, tiny flowers are of black radish and bright yellow is the green cauliflower, very pretty!

To finish, here is a pretty butterfly: Maculada canaria (Pararge xiphioides)

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