Natural World 03

Third entry of the series Natural World in Tenerife of 2017. Observations of atmospheric phenomenons and climate, photos with descriptions of landscapes and places of interest, native and endemic plants and other living creatures, news about plants we grow, what we sow and harvest…

This month becomes even more sunny, dry and warm with very little rain and low humidity.  So many beautiful mornings and spectacular skies, a massive boost of energy and what an amazing way to start the day.

The evening with full moon was once again painted in the beautiful pink shades accompanied with interesting dotted, but puffy clouds. Later in the month another spectacular combination of sunset and rainbow, although not very bright, but nevertheless spectacular.

The path of volcanoes Grachico – Chinyero is well known hiking route, that leads all the way to Arenas Negras, but many only reach San Juan del Reparo. Athough even this short path Grachico – San Juan del Reparo, that only takes about an hour, is teaming with volcanic landscapes and extraordinary views.

The north facing volcanic rocks are home to many species of lichens, including the interesting looking Roccella canariensis (La orchilla), known as natural purple dye.

Here are few seasonal flowering plants, that can be seen in this zone: Romulea columnae (Sand Crocus), Pericallis echinata (Flor de Mayo) and Erysimum bicolor (Alhelí montuño).

Here in the gardens the fruit trees are in the bloom. The striking pink flowers of peach were the first to appear in the beginning of the month. And in the end of the month the plums trees started blooming, generously covering the branches with white, it is looking to be a good year for plums.

Despite the lack of rain and humid days, the ground is still moist, but drying out fast due to the already strong sun of March, combined with longer days and disappearing shadows… The purple carrots of late sowing are ready now and need to be picked, as they do start flowering in spring, as well as radishes, cabbages and plants for salad leaves, although letting some to flower to make the seeds. The beautiful flowers of broad beans make a great spectacle as well as the striking red leaves of giant red mustard, the spicy Japanese plant, that is great for salads and older leaves can be used in soups or steamed as spinach. So happy to spot a ladybird on the alpine strawberries, that constantly get infected with insects, but keep on giving their sweet little forest berries. Oh and still have cabbages, I just love the peculiar shape and each one seems to be different…

Here we finish the story of March. Another month – another story…

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