Natural World 02

Second entry of the series Natural World in Tenerife of 2017. Observations of atmospheric phenomenons and climate, photos with descriptions of landscapes and places of interest, native and endemic plants and other living creatures, news about plants we grow, what we sow and harvest…

Many, many beautiful days, sunny and warm, but becoming more unsettled this month: big storm with strong winds, lots of rain and snow on El Teide, followed with the showery, cloudy and cool weather at the end of the month in the north of the island.

So many magical evenings this month, like in the dream and together with the full moon, it is just amazing and pure luck!

The sea of clouds! What an unusual sight in February, at this low level, usually only in the summer we can enjoy life above the clouds 😀 .

The spectacular lenticular clouds form again but more dense and stormy looking, that did produce the snow on the Teide again!

Dramatic landscapes of Lomo Morin, that can be reached from Tierra del Trigo (Los Silos), are just breath taking and the strong currents of water creates not just an amazing view, but also an intense, although pleasant ambient sounds…

Another point of interest close by is the Barranco Cuevas Negras, that can be reached from Tierra del Trigo, Los Silos or Erjos.

Some of the flora photographed in the area: the Canary endemic, climbing plant with red bell shaped flowers is Canarina canariensis, the tree with red berries is Acebiño (Ilex canariensis) species of holly, endemic to Macaronesian islands and the Aeoniums, the beautiful canarian succulent plants.

The harvest of winter veg and salads is well underway now. Here in the pictures you can see the black, yellow and red radishes, true winter crops, that love short days and cool temperatures. Tatsoi is one of my favorite salad leaves and goes so well with black radish, you can look at recipe here. Another salad that we like is the mizuna and it is just beautiful and would make any salad look pretty (see photo above). The cabbages are starting now, I love the unusual cone shape, they do look spectacular and taste superb! The canarian potatoes also are amazing looking, very photogenic and very flavorsome!

Some of the creatures that we share the land with: Canary red admiral (Vanessa vulcania) butterfly and Plutonia lamarckii species of snails endemic to the northern part of Tenerife. The white flowers are of Tagasaste (Chamaecytisus proliferus) a small evergreen tree, Canary endemic, member of pea family and is known for its fertilizing properties. Now is the initiation of the flowering, that attracts many insects, like bumblebees and grasshoppers, as you can see in the pictures.

And here the story of February ends…

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