Natural World 01

Here with memories from January, we start a new 2017 season of the series Natural World in Tenerife, Canary Islands. This includes observations of atmospheric phenomenons and climate, photos with descriptions of landscapes and places of interest, native and endemic plants and other living creatures, news about plants we grow, what we sow and harvest…

Beautiful start of the year with plenty of sunny and wonderful days, that truly feel like summer! Magical mornings, dreamy evenings, the feathery cirrus clouds and spectacular lenticular clouds dominate the skies this month.

The views in the north of Tenerife are always spectacular, but some days are just too good!

A spectacular array of lenticular cloud formations over volcano El Teide, named sombrero due to the peculiar hat shape and is usually the sign of snow.

Barranco del Infierno (that translates as ravine of hell) is a beautiful nature reserve with steep cliffs, stream and waterfall, covered with dense vegetation, contrasting rather dry, desert like Adeje (southwest of the island), where it is situated. After some years being closed to the public, due to accidents of falling rocks, now it is opened to visitors again, but it is pay only entrance now and helmets are mandatory at all times, which is bit of a buzzkill and topped up with rather large crowds of tourists, is the sort of place I would not visit often, although interesting to see at least once.

Aeonium arboreum (ssp. holochrysum) or tree aeonium is an endemic succulent plant, that is now covered with cone shaped flowers of striking yellow color, that is a favorite food for the bees and a feast for the eyes!

After the lengthy process of replacing summer crops to winter ones, finally it is paying off and now are reaping the rewards! The winter crops here are mainly root vegetables, but also brassicas, brassicaceae or mustard/cabbage family plants. Although we have more, here in photos, you can see the 6 different varieties of potatoes, including the antique canarian potatoes and lovely purple potatoes, turnips, carrots, two types of radish and guava.

We finish with beauty: flower of Malva de risco (Lavatera acerifolia) and butterfly Maculada canaria (Pararge xiphioides).

Versión española


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