Natural World, November 16

Another magical month here in Tenerife, plenty of sunny days with beautiful skies and finally, at the end of the month, the generous rain – a very welcome gift from the sky! The supermoon again lit the night, this month even more big and bright.

Tenerife has rich biodiversity, spectacular views and walking routes, loved by many tourist, that visit the island and locals alike, surprisingly quiet and peaceful in many parts of the island, where it is possible to appreciate true beauty of nature. Here are photos taken this month: El Tanque village with views of volcano El Teide and the old crater at the side; views of Cuevas Negras and the abandoned  houses; spectacular views of small village Tierra del Trigo and the coast.

And here are one of my favorites, Aeonium tabuliforme and Aeonium smithii, two of many endemic succulent plant of Tenerife.

The warm weather is always a good enough excuse to take a trip to the coast and not many places in the northern hemisphere can offer this opportunity in November, usually very cold month in Europe, but Canary islands is an exception :). Below are photos of rock pools in the north of Tenerife and exclusive shots of octopus :D.

This pool was very green in color, murky and muddy, unsuitable for bathing in summer, but after the thorough cleaning last month, thanks to the storm, now is crystal clear and beautiful turquoise blue.


After the rain, a new form of life appears on the surface. A wonderful and mysterious world of fungi. An important part of natures ecosystem, that cleans the soil of contaminants and release carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere for the trees to absorb, the perfect symphony of forest… Mycological fascination started at young age, the seasonal trips to the woods, for the hunt of edible mushrooms, were lots of fun back in the day in the northern Europe, but here in the subtropical islands, we have rich diversity of fungi too, so the fun continues :). Many types of fungi can be found here in Tenerife, many are inedible and toxic, but there are some edible mushrooms too. The personal favorites include – Lactarius deliciosus, Boletus edulis and Cantharellus cibarius, although not as flavorsome as in northern Europe, still a treat! It is important not to collect all of the mushrooms in one spot, as this would damage the ecosystem, it is best to collect the medium size, the big ones can be bitter to eat and small still need chance to grow to complete the natural cycle.

Thanks to the generous rain this month, we got the opportunity to sow more seeds and continue the seasonal transformation, that includes swapping the summer plants to winter ones. More about this in next post… The garden might be empty of summer veg by now, but not the kitchen, where the pumpkin and sweet potato is the top ingredients, we loved cooking so much, that even put together some recipes, that you can see here.

To finish we have another exclusive wildlife photos of this month – a perfectly camouflaged Tenerife gecko or salamandra (Tarentola delalandii). It is quite rare to see them in daylight, as they are more active at night.

Another month – another story and more photos, please subscribe, thanks ;).

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