Pumpkin and sweet potato recipes

New addition to the blog – Canarian and international food fusion – vegan and healthy.

Pumpkin and sweet potato, traditional ingredient in canary islands cuisine and nutritious part of our diet, that offers valuable health benefits and simply are delicious! We grow our own and have a lot to experiment with. Here are some of the best recipes of this season.

Wholemeal flower gnocchi of pumpkin and sweet potato


We love this dish! Easy and cheap to make and can be frozen for homemade instant meals!


Pumpkin (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 400g
Sweet potato (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 400g
Wholemeal flour – 300g
White flour (for dusting) – 100g

Boil the pumpkin and sweet potato in water with pinch of salt for 30 minutes, until tender. Drain the water, leave to evaporate for few minutes and mash. Add the wholemeal flower little by little stirring with wooden spoon until thick, then use your hands and incorporate the rest of wholemeal flour by kneading to the consistency of firm, but not hard dough. Dust the wooden board and your hands with white flour and take a hand full of the dough, roll it to the ball, then on the board, roll it to make the long, thick rope, then cut to small pieces and dust with more flour. Bring the pot of water with pinch of salt to the boil and add the gnocchi, when they rise to the top, drain and serve.

Serving suggestion:

gnocchi de calabaza y batata.jpg

In the pan, fry cubed aubergine with olive oil for few minutes, add tomatoes and cook for another few minutes, add fresh or frozen corn and cooked french beans, fry few minutes, add gnocchi with a little of the water and chopped fresh basil leaves, salt and black pepper to taste. In separate pan fry peppers in olive oil until browned, arrange on top.

Pumpkin and sweet potato bean burger


Meat-free, egg-free and gluten-free!


Pumpkin (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 200g
Sweet potato (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 200g
Beans (dry) – 200g
Gofio (toasted corn flour) – 100g
Soy sauce and herbs

Soak the beans in water for few hours or overnight, cook in a pot with plenty of water until soft, drain and mash lightly. Cook the pumpkin and sweet potato in water until soft and drain, leave to evaporate for few minutes and mash. (Another method is to roast pumpkin and sweet potato in the oven, as you prefer…) In large bowl mix all of above and add the toasted corn flour. (You can make your own, by toasting corn flour dry in a pan, stirring constantly.) Add herbs of your choice, pinch of salt, black pepper and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. Leave to cool and transfer to the fridge to firm. To make burgers, take a handful of mixture, roll it in a ball, then on the flat surface, dusted with toasted flower, press and turn over, so it is burger shape and well coated with flour. Fry in the pan with olive oil. (Slightly tricky to flip them over, so do this gently, as they are soft.) Alternatively cook in the oven on moderate heat until browned. As pictured in the photo above, goes well with coleslaw – red cabbage, cider vinegar, olive oil, dash of honey, pinch of salt; and the green sauce “mojo verder” – crushed garlic with salt, green pepper (optional), fresh soft green herbs (basil, parsley or coriander), lemon and olive oil.

Pumpkin, sweet potato and gofio soup

soup sopa.jpg

We made a lot of variations of soups without adding any meat stock or animal based fats. This soup is creamy, rich, tasty and healthy, suitable for vegans. (2 portions)


Pumpkin (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 250g
Sweet potato (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 250g
Gofio (toasted corn flour) – 1 tbsp
Soy sauce – 3 tbsp
Water – 500ml
Thyme, nutmeg, turmeric, 4 types of pepper (black, red, white, green)

Cook the pumpkin and sweet potato in water with fresh thyme and turmeric for about 25min, mash/liquidize, using all of the cooking water. Add the gofio, soy sauce, peppers and cook for another 5min stirring, sprinkle little pinch of nutmeg. If the soup feels too thick add more water.

Pumpkin, honey and banana cake


The cake is suitable for vegans and is sugar free, as the pumpkin and banana are sweet, but to top it up we used natural set honey, so it is sweet enough :D. The idea is to make the cake, that is healthy and nutritious, maintaining the beneficial properties of ingredients.


Pumpkin (skinned and cut in large cubes) – 400g
Honey – 5 tbsp
Banana – 2
Coconut oil – 2 tbsp
Almonds – 50g
Agar – agar – 4g
Lemon essential oil – 4 drops
Cinnamon powder

Soak the almonds in water for an hour, drain the water and chop. Cook the pumpkin in water, that just covers it, until soft, drain the water to a separate dish and reserve for later, leave the pumpkin to evaporate and mash. When the puree is cool, add coconut oil, honey and mashed banana, mix it well and add almonds. In the cooled cooking water stir in Agar-agar and return to the heat, cook for few minutes, take it of the heat and cool it steering. When it is cooled a bit, but still warm, mix in with the rest of cake mixture and lemon essential oil. Transfer to the square flat dish or to the small serving dishes and dust generously with cinnamon powder. Serve cold.

Versión española


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