Natural World, October 16

Exciting moments and gifts from the mother nature.

The skies so beautiful this month with every type of cloud imaginable. Few grey and cloudy days with increasing humidity and even the first snow over the peak of El Teide, but a lot of sunny, hot and dry days too. The full moon rise over the island again, this time brighter and bigger, as it is closer to the earth (second photo).

The coast of Tenerife draw many tourist for the all year round sunshine. Sunbathing on sandy beach, we love it, but there is a lot more the coast can offer here. The rocky coastline of the north and many parts of south too, offers hidden gems under water, in the low tides revealing themselves in spectacular colors of marine life.

The storm in the ocean forced an extremely large waves to develop towards the end of the month. The photos were taken couple of days before the phenomenon of massive waves, but already big and splashy with refreshing mist. This we call a natural spa :).

This month, for the first time made these jelly sweets from the blackberries collected last month. The sweets are vegetarian and easy to make with only few ingredients: seedless blackberry jam, water, sugar and agar-agar. The result is a sweet satisfaction :D.

This month the harvest of pumpkin is underway and already harvested all of the white flesh sweet potato (in the photo is one plant only). The all resistant local cherry tomatoes keep on giving and the aubergines are now at their best. Also keep on harvesting long beans and small Spanish peppers “Padrón”, that are so tasty fried whole in olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt. The prickly pears (cactus fruit) are now plentiful, so busy collecting those too, which is a difficult task due to nasty spikes, not just on the plants, but on the fruits as well, despite the troubles, the rewards of sweet indulgence are worth it, the irresistible mix of flavors of pear, apple, strawberry and kiwi. The flower pictured in the photo is of passionflower (passiflora).

Now is the transitional time in a veg patch, the last of summer vegetables are being harvested and replaced with winter veg. Already we planted broccoli, cabbage, carrots, radish, garlic, turnip and potatoes.

In meantime, the spiders keep on catching their prey and due to few humid days the millipedes, that locals call black worms, come out to the surface.

Here the story of October ends…

Versión española


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