Natural World, May, 2016

Versión española

Hello and welcome! This is a third edition, memories of May. Our observations and discoveries of nature with the experiences in the cultivation of edible and useful plants. Located in the mild and humid climate zone in the north of Tenerife.

May was dominated by unsettled weather with intervals of clouds, rain and sun. The curious cloud shape of sombrero form again on El Teide (see photo).

May is the most beautiful time to visit El Teide, spring is in the air and landscapes painted in rainbow colors by the blooming of spring flowers of endemic and unusual plants, including the famous Tajinastes, the most magical site that one could experience.

In the land the work continues, planting, collecting and cleaning. Black oats look beautiful, tall and healthy with delightful shade of almost turquoise color. The blue delicate flowers of flax introduce a splash of color, a substitute to missing blue of sky. Now is also good time for collecting and preparing a mix of herbs for the infusion, that we drink daily after the meal, this aids digestion and many other benefits.

By now we realized that our first bamboo, that was grown from seeds is not the desired type Bambusa lako, that we order from internet. We now identified the specie and turns out to be Ampelocalamus scandens, which also has the hair, but instead of brown color hair, has a rather charming purple hair. This is a very typical scenario, as the bamboo seeds are rare, flowering intervals can be as long as 20-120 years, depending on the species. The best method of obtaining bamboo plant is by dividing the clumps of bamboo or cutting. Bamboo is rare in Tenerife, we only know one person that has mini plantation called Bambunero Tenerife, with many species, although not Bambusa laco, but definitely a lot to choose from.


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