Natural World, April, 2016

Versión española

Hello, we are starting new blog about the agricultural activities and observations of natural world in the island Tenerife, now located in the mild and humid climate zone in the north of the island.

April, a good month, plenty of sunny days, but with decent amount of rain and humidity to help the plants grow and flourish. We were lucky to see so many wonderful cloud formations, including sombrero clouds over volcano El Teide, what a joy to witness! Although there was plenty of stormy weather over El Teide, the snow almost melted during this month, due to already strong sun of April.

The life goes on and the bees are busy collecting nectar, Erica arborea in full bloom, including many other plants and last chance to see Canarina canariensis (Bicácaro) flowers. The striking mint color and overwhelming scent of incienso canario (Artemisia thuscula) covers the low lands.

In the land, the life is flourishing and full of color, mellow yellow shades of cabbage flowers and striking red of poppies, an astonishing site is here once again… Due to rain, dense vegetation covers the ground, a great opportunity to make liquid fertilizer to help the plants stay healthy and green. The process is simple, that involves collecting the greens and fermenting in water, we reuse old water bottles for this purpose (see photo below). And… The first strawberries are on the breakfast plate 🙂

This month the winter beetroots are at their best and plentiful. Great for soups, salads and pickled, which is a good method for preserving (see bellow for more details (in spanish)).

remolachas s

April was a spectacular and productive month. The memories are still alive and feels good to share it with you. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as for me writing. If you wish to read the following posts don’t forget to subscribe!


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