Natural World, February & March, 2016

Versión española

Hello, we are starting new blog about the agricultural activities and observations of natural world in the island Tenerife, now located in the mild and humid climate zone in the north of the island. This is the first blog post of two months, the next ones will be monthly. We are going back in time now, but will catch up soon.

February and March, two months of contrasts. The typical dry weather in the south of the island continues and dark clouds predominating in the north with prolonged periods of rain, drizzle and fog, especially in the higher altitudes. The lows of the island saw the most of sun, while in the highest summits were covered by thick layer of snow, which was the highlight of the months, attracting many people to experience and enjoy this rare sight. The rain and melting snow gives birth to rivers and waterfalls, another spectacular sight.

This is a good time to go on hiking trips and explore the island, the weather is cool and the sun is mild, the fresh and green vegetation dominates the north, even in the lows of the island. There are many winter flowering plants to keep you entertained. The impressive Canarina canariensis (Bicácaro), one of the most valued plants on the island. It’s habitat is in laurisilva (laurel) forest, one of the most magical sites of Tenerife.

In the land, also green is dominating, except the bright orange and yellow colors of calendula, that we collect to make infusion. Now is the best time to grow lentils and peas and brassica family plants, like cauliflower and broccoli. My unusual tomato variety that we call ” lemon” are surprisingly growing well despite the cool weather. This variety was passed on to me by my mother and before by my grandmother.

Exciting two months and is fun to remember. Hope you enjoyed the first entry and if you wish to read the following posts please follow to receive notifications to your email.


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