Bamboo & Food Forest Nature Retreat

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Edible and useful species of plants cultivated in the combination of agroforestry system, permaculture design and traditional farming. These methods of alternative agriculture help fight deforestation, climate change and loss of biodiversity.


Bamboo Forest Fruits is an agroforestry and ecotourism project, aimed to safeguard biodiversity of nature and agriculture, fight pollution and climate change, while promoting and producing alternative green materials, healthy foods and lifestyles.

only non-invasive BAMBOO
ecological and NATURAL agriculture
NATURE PARK with native species
Affordable eco RETREAT


Bamboo Forest Fruits is the project that is not realized fully and in the stage of planning. The last 3+ years in Tenerife we spent observing the land and the climate, learning about the flora and fauna, collecting seeds and various plant species.

To keep up to date on the progress, please visit our blog with monthly updates on the climate, nature and the plants we cultivate. Also we have the recipes section, where you can see and try for yourself some of the dishes that we cook. For the weekly publications, follow us on Facebook, where you can contact us, if you have any questions regarding this project or similar topics and any offers of help are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Bamboo & Food Forest Nature Retreat

  1. This is amazing! Looking forward to more blog posts. Put some pictures of the development process of Permaculture garden, would be nice to follow 🙂

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