Bamboo & Food Forest Nature Retreat

Versi贸n espa帽ola

Regenerative agriculture project of agroecology and agroforestry with the complimentary activities of nature conservation and ecotourism.聽The ecological and social concept, focused on biodiversity, sustainability and environment.聽


Regenerative agriculture, agroecology and agroforestry describes best the agricultural concept of Bamboo Forest Fruits. The practices of these agricultural systems help to rehabilitate degraded agricultural land, restore natural ecosystems, increase productivity and biodiversity, combat soil contamination and desertification.

Wood is one of the most valuable natural resources and an integral part of humanity. Bamboo is a perfect option as a sustainable, fast growing and self regenerating source of wood. Continue reading about bamboo here.

An important part of the project is an integration of agriculture with consumers. The social networks and on site visits enable consumer to familiarize with the process of food production, consequently develop a better understanding of nature and agriculture. The one to one relations with the grower and the buyer reduces food waste and carbon footprint, eliminates the need for packaging, while optimizing the quality and freshness, creating a greater value for consumer and fairer profit for producer.

Nature conservation and ecotourism is another important and integrated part of the project, that consists of restoring natural environment to the best potential, creating a pleasant and exiting learning experience of natural surroundings, providing a chance to experience a life in harmony with nature.


2 thoughts on “Bamboo & Food Forest Nature Retreat

  1. This is amazing! Looking forward to more blog posts. Put some pictures of the development process of Permaculture garden, would be nice to follow 馃檪

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